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Howdy! You've reached the wiki for Plot Twist AU, an online database revolving around something called Plot Twist, an Undertale AU created by Chompy-King. Explore this wiki and discover the many characters, locations and other things that come together to form this Undertale universe!


Here at the Plot Twist AU Wiki, we discuss our ideas, thoughts and concepts for this Undertale AU created by Chompy-King. You can meet users, chat with them on the forums and the Live Chat, and share your thoughts and ideas! Together, we work as a team to create this big universe of memorable characters, locations and more! However, before you start your time here, you must read the rules of the site first and always make sure to abide by them. If you have any questions about this wiki, feel free to ask Chompy-King, the sites founder, or an administrator.


The administrators, or simply known as admins, are here to help manage the wiki and keep it orderly. Who is an admin is chosen by Chompy-King, the wiki's founder and the creator of this AU. They are decided by their responsibility among other things that makes a good admin. Below are a list of the admins who help keep this site the way it is.

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